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This is the company's flagship brand and India's largest online job website. Its business model depends on job listings and employer branding or visibility advertisements, on the one hand, and résumé database access, on the other. Additional features of the website include: job seeker services such as candidate services which are free for job seekers; value-added features such as resume writing, highlighting, etc., for job seekers; and tools to search the database of resumes and job application screening programs for employer and recruitment consultant customers. Google Ad sense and mobile revenues contribute to the revenue as well.

As of March 20, 2015, had a database of about 20 million registered job seekers and an average of about 10,600 résumés were added daily while about 152,000 resumes were modified daily during Q1 FY 2015-16 and 31,200 unique corporate customers (including hiring consultants/firms) availed of services such as database access, advertising /listing on the site, amongst others during the quarter. The website continued to gain market share in terms of user traffic.